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Swindon U3A Activity Groups

The only qualification you need is your interest. No qualifications are given - we just expect everyone to have fun doing the activities.

Swindon U3A has a large number of activities. One or more groups are formed to pursue a particular activity, with each group having a group organiser to manage it. To make it easier to find those activities in which you may be interested, each activity has been assigned to a category and sub-category. The main categories are shown in the left-hand column with any sub-categories shown to the right.

If you click on a main category, the details of all the groups for that category of activities will be shown. If you click on a sub-category, the details of all the groups just for that sub-category of activities will be shown.

The detailed lists of activity groups will open in separate tabs.

Category Sub-category
Active Dance Petanque Sport Walks YogaTaiChi
Arts and Crafts Antiques Crafts Miscellaneous Needlework Pictures
Discussion discussion
Games games
Health and Wellbeing Health and Wellbeing
History history
Languages French German Greek Italian Latin Spanish Welsh
Literature Literature Theatre
Monthly Meeting monthlymeeting
Music Choral Concerts Instrumental Listen
Natural History nature
Science and Technology Science Technology
Social social
To be decided
Travel travel

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