Online organisation of the News.

The monthly newsletter is the main printed communication mechanism with the members, but since the website can be a more immediate means of communication, albeit not to all members, it is organised in a slightly different manner as explained below,

Under the News menu  
General Articles: Articles and group visit reports. This will be the page that is archived.  Everything else is of a transitory nature and will not therefore be kept. 
Group news News of changes to groups, new groups, proposed groups and general group administration
Recipes A new section to gather all the recipes published in the Newsletter
Can you help? Advertises open positions and other requests not directly concerned with individual groups.
Offers & Help Advertises offers to U3A members of a general nature and helpful information for sorting problems that have no specific time limit.
Competitions Competitions open to U3A members
Photos Photos submitted by the groups
Under the Diary menu  
Group Diary: A summary of Swindon U3A visit dates.
Group Visits' Details: Swindon U3A visits.  Visits will be retained until they have occurred or the enrolment date has passed. Swindon group activities for outings are announced in the newsletter with full contact details but to protect people's privacy on-line in a wider audience, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses have been omitted.  You will therefore have to obtain people's contact details from the printed newsletter or the Office if you do not know them.
Study Days' Details: Network and country wide activities will be on the  page. Activities will be retained until they have occurred or the enrolment date has passed.
Local & Miscellaneous Events: Notice of general events, which are not part of U3A activities, but which may be of interest to members.

Please send any suggestions on organisation to the webmaster