SUCAS for Group Organisers - Group Additional Information, Programme and Diaries

This is a two hour course which will provide a background to SUCAS (Swindon U3A Cloud Administration System) and managing the additional infomation page for a Group which includes an optional group programme.

The courses are limited to six people at a time, to maximise the opportunities to ask questions and use the system.

This course is aimed at those groups who would like to provide more information to their members than can be provided in the standard group information format or organise one or more topics for each session and want to publish a progamme of the topics. Inforamtion entered under the additional information facilities for each group are available from the standard group information format on the public website and will answer such questions as "when is the next meeting and what are we doing?".

The course takes place in the Liden Community Centre. It is useful if members can bring their own laptops so they can access SUCAS during the session. Tablets can also be used but for any serious data entry a seperate keyboard is recommended.

A basic knowledge of SUCAS and the group membership management is assumed. See the Group Organiser Membership Management course for more details.

Course Content:


Help System

Group Programme Basics


Group Programme Advanced


Courses and Events