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Further Information for the Spanish Dance Group

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely, and enclosed shoes, either flat or with a low, wide heel (eg Cuban).
Flamenco shoes are not suitable for the current venue as they would damage the floor.

Date TimeVenue ActivityInfo
Tue 16-Apr-1910:30-11:30GHCC Main hallEaster Taster - Sevillanas Workshop part 1Mixed ability and ALL levels of mobility. Learn, practise and discover, then choose YOUR personal fav!
Tue 30-Apr-1910:30-11:30GHCC Main hallEaster Taster - Sevillanas Workshop part 2Mixed ability and ALL levels of mobility. Sevillanas theme day. Show off YOUR personal fav!
Tue 14-May-1910:30-11:30GHCC Main hall
Tue 28-May-1910:30-11:30GHCC Main hall
Tue 11-Jun-1910:30-11:30GHCC Main hall
Tue 25-Jun-1910:30-11:30GHCC Main hall
Tue 09-Jul-1910:30-11:30GHCC Main hall
Tue 23-Jul-1910:30-11:30GHCC Main hall

SEVILLANAS 1st verse:
Sevy Left, 4 sevillianas (RLRL), Right pass
Sevy Left, 4 grapevines (RLRL) (remember to hold for 2 beats at the end of each grapevine), Right pass
Sevy Left, 4 passes (RLRL), left turn and pose

SEVIILLANAS 2nd verse: (there are many variations, this is the one we're learning)
Sevy Left, 2 stamps (LR), 3 swishes (RLR), stamp (L) turn a/c, Right pass
Sevy Left, 2 stamps (LR), 6 waltzes (LRLRLR), stamp (L) turn a/c, Right pass
Sevy Left, 2 stamps (LR), 6 pointing steps c/w around your partner then 2 waltzes (LR), stamp (L) turn a/c and pose

Sevillanas - a Spanish folk dance from the Seville region. Originally danced by courting couples, these days it's danced by people of all ages and genders, usually in pairs, but often in groups. A beautiful and versatile dance as the set choreography can be performed in different styles and with various accessories, especially castanets.

The largest Sevillianas dance:
Our very own Trish was one of the 456 participants that set the Guiness World Record for the largest Sevillanas dance. The event took place in Regent Street, London in 2008. The current record was achieved by 1,556 participants in Córdoba, Spain, on 21 May 2012.

The most flamenco taps in one minute:
(female) is 1,274, achieved by Rosario Varela, on the set of Guinness World Records, in Madrid, Spain, on 23 January 2009.
(male) is 1,317, achieved by Israel Vivancos, of the flamenco dance company "Los Vivancos", in Madrid, Spain, on 2 November 2012.

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