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Each meeting is split into two halves by a 'tea' break. The first half will normally be a discussion or presentation and the second half may be either a continuation of the first half or an opportunity to show and discuss members' images on a particular theme.

Date TopicLeader(s)Comment
Fri 05-Jan-18Show Members' PrintsAllMaximum of 5 prints per member
 2x5 SwapAlan and Jamie
Fri 26-Jan-18Photographic Techniques - e.g. Silhouettes, Panorama, Brackets, Composition, Props, D of Field, Use of Lenses, Visualisation, Low Light, B&W, Movement, Wildlife, etc.Alex and DaveThis topic will be continued on 23 March
Fri 23-Feb-18Image Editing - Photoshop, Lightroom, Faststone, etc.Alex and Dave
 Show Members' PrintsAllMaximum of 5 prints per member
 Need two members for the 2x5 swap item on 18 May.
Fri 23-Mar-18Photographic Techniques - continued from 26 JanuaryAlex and DaveInclude HDR
 3x10Volunteers neededShow ten of your images and talk about them
Fri 20-Apr-18PortraitureDave and Alex
 Show Members' PrintsAllMaximum of 5 prints per member
Fri 18-May-18Audio VisualLaurie?To be arranged
 2x5 SwapVolunteers needed
Fri 15-Jun-18Flower Arranging and use of FlashAlexNeeds to be set up with the Flower Arranging group
Fri 13-Jul-18Summer Visit - Millets Farm?AllSuggestions are needed for summer visits
Fri 10-Aug-18Summer Visit - ??AllSuggestions are needed for summer visits

3 x 10: 3 people discuss up to 10 of their own images (15 minutes maximum) - why they took them, how they took them and any manipulation done to achieve the finished image.

2 x 5: 2 members swap 5 images out of the camera. Each then works on their own images and the images of the other member to produce a final image. The members then present and discuss what they did with the images and why.

Please note that there is a 20p charge for tea or coffee. Members are asked to wash up their own cups.

Useful Links:

FastStone: www.faststone.org - An image browser, converter and editor that supports all major graphic formats .

Photography course: www.sites.google.com/site/marclevoylectures/home

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