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Further Information for the Digital Photography Group

The Group meets Every 4 weeks on Friday from 6th September 2019 in Liden Community Centre, Grundys, Liden, SN3 6HF from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.
Next meeting: Fri, 12-Jun-20.

With meetings suspended for the moment, ideas are being sought for projects or other activities that can be done virtually. Ideas are coming in and I'll circulate them in a day or so.

Also I am looking at the use of Skype or Zoom to run sessions. We have experimented with Zoom in Swindon Camera Club and it looks as though we could run sessions; we had 18 in the session with about 12 on video. Skype has been used by one French group to run a session, but was only 5 people. Skype is free, Zoom is free up to 40 mins, otherwise £12 a month. I am running some experiments tomorrow and will come back.

Meetings are split into two halves by a 'tea' break. The two halves may be different subjects and or a a continuation of the first half theme.

The suggestion is that we now have sessions on particular themes, with 5 members, each with a 20 minute slot to show images on the chosen theme for the meeting and discuss composition, technique, etc. Suggested themes are,
Macro / close-up
Natural History
Infra red

Date SubjectLeaderComment
Fri 22-May-20One on One SwapAllSwap an image between pairs of members and show how you would present the image - Album: Swaps - 22 May
 Pictures from a WalkAllTake two pictures on a walk between 8-May and 22-May - Album: Pictures from a Walk - 22 May
Fri 12-Jun-20Monochrome - depends on lockdown conditionsBring along your monochrome images and any techniques for converting to mono

Theme: 5 people (20 minutes each) show and discuss images they have taken based on the chosen theme - why they took them, how they took them and any manipulation done to achieve the finished image.

3 x 10: 3 people discuss up to 10 of their own images (15 minutes maximum) - why they took them, how they took them and any manipulation done to achieve the finished image.

2 x 5: 2 members swap 5 images out of the camera. Each then works on their own images and the images of the other member to produce a final image. The members then present and discuss what they did with the images and why.

Please note that there is a 20p charge for tea or coffee. Members are asked to wash up their own cups.

Useful links for Theme Digital Photography

Category Subject Link Comment
CoursesPhotography Workshop Photography Workshop at Wiltshire Museum One-day workshop in Devizes on 21-Sep-19 by Wiltshire photographer Diane Vose. Limited to 10 people.
Courses and Tips Marc Levoy Lectures How cameras work and how to take good pictures using them
   Capturing Birds in Flight Tips on equipment, technique and composition
 Sensor sizes Camera Sensor Size Photography Guide Learn about the effect of sensor size on an image
Image Manipulation Faststone An image browser, converter and editor that supports all major graphic formats including raw files
   Darktable Image editing software including RAW
PrintingCommercial printers DS Colour Labs Commercial printing, submit on the internet, receive prints in one or two days
Retail Camera Price Buster Camera prices and comparisons