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Further Information for the Digital Photography Group

Each meeting is split into two halves by a 'tea' break. The first half will normally be a discussion or presentation and the second half may be either a continuation of the first half or an opportunity to show and discuss members' images on a particular theme.

Date TopicLeader(s)Comment
Fri 23-Mar-18Photographic Techniques - continued from 26 JanuaryAlex and DaveInclude HDR
 3x10Volunteers neededShow ten of your images and talk about them
Fri 20-Apr-18PortraitureDave and Alex
 Show Members' PrintsAllMaximum of 5 prints per member
Fri 18-May-18Audio VisualLaurie?To be arranged
 2x5 SwapVolunteers needed
Fri 15-Jun-18Flower Arranging and use of FlashAlexNeeds to be set up with the Flower Arranging group
Fri 13-Jul-18Summer Visit - Millets Farm?AllSuggestions are needed for summer visits
Fri 10-Aug-18Summer Visit - ??AllSuggestions are needed for summer visits

3 x 10: 3 people discuss up to 10 of their own images (15 minutes maximum) - why they took them, how they took them and any manipulation done to achieve the finished image.

2 x 5: 2 members swap 5 images out of the camera. Each then works on their own images and the images of the other member to produce a final image. The members then present and discuss what they did with the images and why.

Please note that there is a 20p charge for tea or coffee. Members are asked to wash up their own cups.

Useful links for Digital Photography

Category Subject Link Comment
Courses and Tips  Marc Levoy Lectures How cameras work and how to take good pictures using them
   Capturing Birds in Flight Tips on equipment, technique and composition
Image Manipulation  Faststone An image browser, converter and editor that supports all major graphic formats including raw files
PrintingCommercial printers DS Colour Labs Commercial printing, submit on the internet, receive prints in one or two days