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This course will cover 4 languages,
HTML - HyperText Markup Language (Web page content and formatting)
CSS - Cascading Style Sheets (Web page formatting)
PHP - Personal Home Page (Hypertext Pre-processor)
SQL - Standard Query Language (Database reading and writing)

Learning will proceed at a pace relevant to those participating and there is not an aim to achieve a given standard within a stated time. To create a dynamic, as opposed to a static, web page all the languages are involved and therefore features will be introduced from each language as appropriate to the objectives at the time.

You could write a static web page that says "In 2016 Swindon U3A has a membership of 1812". That would never change until you edited the page. A dynamic page would automatically get the current year and membership number and publish it. You therefore write the page once and it never needs editing.

You will need your own laptop and you will need to load at least one open source application - Atptana Studio 3. You can get the link to do this from the Useful Links web page link below.

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