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We are a 'popular science' group exploring science, technology, medicine and the environment. We have presentations and discussions, make occasional visits and promote external open days and lectures in the region. This Spring 2018 term our topics range from the humble light bulb to Earth Observation as well as members' own interests. We are pleased to welcome John Farrow as our external speaker for a talk on the Wiltshire & Berkshire Canal Trust.

Date TitleSpeakerNotes
Tue 09-Jan-18The humble light bulb: 170 years giving us light. What next?Pete Morris
Tue 23-Jan-18Ten ethical considerations (taken from the New Scientist, 8 July 2017)Barry goldberg and all membersa round-table discussion
Tue 06-Feb-18Wiltshire & Berkshire Canal Trust: past, present and futureJohn Farrowexternal speaker
Tue 20-Feb-18Thomas Young and the wavelength of lightVernon Griffiths
Tue 06-Mar-18From test-tube to pharmacy: the drug development processNedd Kelly
Tue 20-Mar-18Earth Observation Satellites: Health-check on our planet

Please note speakers are needed as back-up/replacement for this term. Any volunteers? Please contact Susan Mayer (secretary) susan.mayer@homecall.co.uk (tel:01793 722130)

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