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We are a 'popular science' group exploring science, technology, medicine and the environment. We have presentations and discussions, make occasional visits and promote external open days and lectures in the region. This Spring 2019 term our topics range from the Gene to the Stars, as well as covering members' own interests. The introduction of short talks will enable more members to take part and provide a greater variety to our meetings.We are also pleased to welcome Bev Cejar, Lead nurse for the Faculty of Children's Nurse Education at Bristol children's Hospital as our external speaker.

Date TitleSpeakerNotes
Tue 19-Feb-19Great Buildings of the WorldAll members' round table discussion
Tue 05-Mar-19The GeneRobin Clegg
Tue 19-Mar-19a. Richard P. Feynman b. Notes & Newsa. Mary Thornton b. All members' round table discussionPlease bring a science news item to talk about for five minutes.
Tue 02-Apr-19Human Factors in Health CareBev Cejarexternal speaker
Tue 16-Apr-19The Victorian InternetTim Scaife

Please note speakers are needed as back-up/replacement for this term. Any volunteers? Please contact Susan Mayer (secretary) susan.mayer@homecall.co.uk (tel:01793 722130)

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