Applying for Membership

The subscritpion year runs from 1st September to 31st August. No new members are accepted after 30th April, but new members may join from 1st June for the following subscription year year starting on 1st September and use their new membership for the remainder of the current year.

The Members joining from 1st March pay a reduced subscription.

No more subscriptions are being taken for 2017-18. The subscription for 2018-19 is £32.00 and this is accepted from 1st June for 2018-19. New members for 2018-19 may join from 1st June and may use their membership for the remaining months of 2017-18.

Members of another U3A, which pays their capitation fee, may join as an associate and the subscription will be reduced by the U3A Trust's capitation fee making a full year subscription £28.75 and a reduced subscription from 1st March of £14.38.

In joining Swindon U3A you give your consent for your personal details to be stored and used as stated in the Swindon U3A Privacy Policy. You may see a copy of the policy by,

Swindon U3A is registered as a charity (No. 298853) and can benefit from Gift Aid.  When you complete the membership form, if you have sufficient taxable income, please consider ticking the Gift Aid box.  For further details on Gift Aid click here.

Click here for an application form. You may need to adjust your printer margins and scaling in your browser to print all the form.

If you can adjust your printer margins to zero and scaling to 100% in your browser, Click here for a full sized application form.

You can email a completed applicaiton form to, but remember,

Once you have received your welcoming email confirming your membership, you may create a SUCAS account, if you wish to do so, and print out your membership card.

See the Contact Us item in the menu bar for further contact details.

What do you get for your subscription?  Click here.