Day Trips visit Royal Mint and National Museum of Wales

The Day Trips Group is running the following trip ROYAL MINT AND NATIONAL MUSEUM OF WALES - TUESDAY 14TH JANUARY 2020 ROYAL MINT Here you'll learn about the history at one of the top-rated tourist attractions in South Wales, and you will be able to see the special coins and rare historical memorabilia that their exhibition holds. There are six different zones to explore at your leisure and visitor hosts will be ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have. You will be taken on a guided tour where you will be able to witness, first-hand, the workforce producing coins and following the measures they abide by; you will learn more about the machinery that is used, the state-of-the-art equipment that helps and the processes of creating a coin. As well as watching live coin production, you will be able to experience it for yourself by striking your own coin as a lasting memento of your visit. As well as minting circulating coins for use domestically and internationally, the mint also produces planchets, commemorative coins, various types of medals and precious metal bullion. The mint exports to an average of 60 countries a year, making up 70% of its total sales. For more information visit NATIONAL MUSEUM OF WALES This Museum holds World class art and natural history. It houses Wales’s national art, geology and natural history collections as well as major touring and temporary exhibitions. The art collection at the Museum in Cardiff is one of Europe's finest. See five hundred years of magnificent paintings, drawings, sculpture, silver and ceramics from Wales and across the world, including one of Europe's best collections of Impressionist art. Also, take an amazing journey in The Evolution of Wales from the very beginnings of time to the present day. The story begins in space with the Big Bang and takes you on a 4,600 million-year journey, bringing you face to face with dinosaurs and woolly mammoths along the way. Find out how life evolved in Wales and which dinosaurs roamed the land. For more information see the website ‘' We are taking 2 groups and have PLACES AVAILABLE. WE ARE ALSO TAKING GUESTS OF MEMBERS

The itinerary is as follows,

8:00 am   Pick up at Sainsbury's, Royal Wootton Bassett Map (Car park at Borough Fields Shopping Centre)
8:15 am   Pick up at Bus station Map ()
8:30 am   Pick up at Ashington Way, West Swindon Map (Limited time parking in West Swindon Centre car parks)
4:30 pm   Depart for Swindon

Cost is £21.00 (includes coach, driver gratuity, entrance and tours)

depart for Swindon 16.30

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